June In Review

I considered doing Ramadan this year along with my Muslim coworkers in order to lose some weight, but then I remembered how much my body relies on food and water to live and said, eff that. Instead, I took a sadistic sort of pleasure drinking and eating in front of them.

On the other hand, I think it’s amazing they’re able to go without water and food from sunup to sundown. I do not possess that sort of willpower.

“I don’t need it. I don’t need it. Definitely don’t need it.”

The Golden Son – Pierce Brown

Piss on my face, that ending! Goryhell, what a ride.

If you haven’t started this trilogy yet, you should definitely stop reading this filler of a blog post and go grab a copy. You won’t be sorry. Especially if you look at the back cover at Brown’s picture. What a doll.






Siege and Storm – Leigh Bardugo

I’m sorry, Mal. You’re cute and all, but you’re competing with a roguish prince and a dark lord. I do not want you dead, but find some other girl. Alina has other suitors I am much more interested in vicariously experiencing through her.

Is it terrible of me to want the Darkling to win? I mean, even after all the people he’s murdered, women he’s maimed…I still want him to pull through. He can totally be redeemed.





Ruin and Rising – Leigh Bardugo


This was a good series. Not I’m-going-to-shake-you-violently-until-you-read-this good. But it was entertaining enough.






Down with the Shine – Kate Karyus Quinn

This book was surprisingly funny. There’s a great combination of humor and grit.

I had no idea how it was going to end–rare, because I usually see things coming a mile away. And when it did, I was immensely satisfied with how Quinn tied it all together.






Coraline – Neil Gaiman


I still have yet to find a story of Gaiman’s that I love. They’re all well written, of course, but they just don’t leave me with that special fuzzy feeling.

I  do look forward to reading this with any children I may have. It is thoroughly creepy. Can’t wait to give the little gremlins nightmares and threaten them their Other Mother is going to come for them when they misbehave.




We’ll Never Be Apart – Emiko Jean

For the record, Alice, Back to the Future is not a “God-awful movie.” You ignorant slut.

We’ll Never Be Apart kept me entertained, but halfway through I started to suspect things. Then it turned out that I was right, though there was one twist I wasn’t expecting. I don’t dislike this book, but I’m not going to rave about it. It’s along the lines of Nic Sheff’s Schizo, which was equally predictable. 




Willful Machines – Tim Floreen

I enjoyed Nico and Lee’s relationship–I just think gay couples are the cutest, especially when one is a Walk-In–but the plot itself didn’t interest me all that much and the ending…well it kind of pissed me off, truth be told. It didn’t feel finished.





This Month’s Haul:

I recently started trying to curb my booking buying habits. It hasn’t worked as well as I planned (willpower eludes me again and again), but I HAVE cut down on the amount of my own money I spend on books (no, I didn’t make off with my boyfriend’s bank card or anything *shifty eyes*). This month, I only spent around $30 as opposed to the usual $100-$150. The rest were purchased with gift cards. Don’t you love loopholes?

Aren’t they beeeeautiful?

What books did you read/buy this month?