What can I expect from this here blog?

On Tuesdays I post book reviews. On Thursdays I post about books, my misadventures in writing, my wacky nightmares, and maybe a funny story here and there.

Do you have a mailing list?

Yes! You can sign up for it on the sidebar to the right. I send a newsletter at the end of each month with links to that month’s blog posts. I also include links to articles I found informative or entertaining, and books I’ve added to my mountainous TBR pile.

What do you like to read?

I read just about everything other than straight-up romance and memoir. My favorite stories feature flawed anti-heroes. Give me your broken princes, your dashing thieves, your evil witches.

Are you published?

I hit the “Publish” button on my blog posts every week. Does that count?

When are you going to be published for really reals?

That’s a good question.

What are you working on now?

I’m currently submitting my YA fantasy manuscript, Bound by Shadows, to agents. It’s about a tyrannical princess who learns to be a better human after she winds up chained to a roguish wizard.

I’m halfway through drafting a YA contemporary novel about a hopelessly geeky gamer who begins dating her two beautiful bullies.

Lastly, I’m overhauling my first novel, The Kingdom’s Champion. It’s the first in a projected YA fantasy trilogy about three teenagers from Minnesota who are summoned to another realm. Yeah, it’s full of prophecies and special swords, but there are twists and turns that’ll surprise you and compelling characters I hope you’ll fall in love with.

What inspired you to write your novel Bound by Shadows?

When I was sixteen, I one day decided I wanted to write a fairy tale. Nice characters bore me to tears, so I chose to write about a mean and nasty princess. I’ve always enjoyed romances (ugh, did I just say that? Love is ishy) where the main characters hate each other at first. I don’t go in for love at first sight. I also love those episodes in sitcoms where two characters are cuffed together and have to join forces and, you know, pee together. It’s always a great laugh.