Welcome To My Subconscious

My friends dream of their teeth falling out, of their cars being stolen, of them going through their daily routine…and then waking up only to actually go through their daily routine. I have those mundane dreams too. Sometimes.

But usually…I have dreams where I’m pregnant and the baby is writhing and screaming inside me, where my sweet grandmother skins the face of her best friend and turns it into a slipper, where my brother’s eyes are stolen by an enchanted lion.

Though I make it a point to tell my family, friends, and coworkers all my bizarre dreams (because it’s my job to creep them out), I feel like I should widen my audience.

And who knows? Maybe someone who analyzes dreams will tell me what they mean, though I don’t particularly believe they mean anything at all. But if I can get some free therapy out of it, I’m all over that! As a writer, I wish I could tap into that creativity when I’m awake. And so I’m going to use these dreams as writing exercises. 

I once mentioned to my boyfriend that I should keep a dream journal. His response: “Charming. One day that journal is going to gain sentience with all the messed up dreams you’ll write in it. And then it’s going to make all those dreams reality.”

Here’s hopin’ I infect the interwebs with my messed up dreams instead.

Do you keep a dream journal?