TBR Cart

My new thing, because I think about books waaay too much, is having a To-Be-Read cart. I use one of Ikea’s incredibly versatile storage utility carts as my nightstand and love it, even though it gets filled with crap and I have to purge its contents weekly. Then I saw Instagramers using the cart for books and I thought, hey, I have 13 3/4 x 17 3/4 x 30 3/4 of unused space in my room! So I snatched up another cart and proceeded to take an hour and a half to put it together, but boy was it worth it.

The top shelf is for all the books I want to finish this summer. Most of them are set during the summer or take place in the desert or on the ocean. Whatever I don’t get to will be replaced in the fall with creepy crawly stories for Halloween.

The second shelf is filled with series I’m currently reading. A lot of them I started a long time ago and have little motivation to continue, but I must since I was stupid enough to buy the entire series (box sets are the devil). I also like seeing things through to the end.

The third shelf is my reread shelf. It’s filled with the first books of series I started reading a long time ago, but never finished. Because I like them so much, I don’t want to try and plow through the newer books and not be able to remember or understand anything. These are going to be my binge reads whenever I get around to them.

I would say this has been working out for me. The last four books I’ve read have been pulled from the cart. Instead of staring at all my shelves for hours wondering what I should read, I only stare at this shelf for half the time. It narrows down my TBR, making it a lot less stressful.


Only I would get stressed out at having too much to read. This shouldn’t even be a problem.

Do you have a TBR cart/stack/pile/shelf?